Alexander Muse is an in-demand speaker at conferences and organizations worldwide. For the past five years he has been doing little else besides talking and thinking about how mobile technology is changing the world of retail shopping.
In 2008 his team built a very simple application called ShopSavvy that allowed a shopper to scan the barcode of any product to find the best deal from local and online retailers. Today, more than 40 million shoppers have downloaded ShopSavvy and hundreds of millions more have download apps from retailers and brands such as Walmart, Macy’s and Consumer Reports that license ShopSavvy technology and data.
In 2011, when Alexander met Facebook Co-Founder Eduardo Saverin, they hatched a plan to make shopping with ShopSavvy more social. That November they closed a $7 million investment to grow the team in order to make their shared vision a reality.
When he is not helping to build ShopSavvy, Alexander is speaking on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis at conferences and universities throughout the U.S. and Europe. His presentations have been on topics including the future of retail, mobile shopping, mobile payments, app design and development, startups, entrepreneurship and, of course, ShopSavvy.
Alexander’s goal is to speak to audiences with an authentic voice, thriving on interaction and preferring to open the floor to questions as much as possible. Audiences respond to his straightforward style as he shares details from his personal business experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – all in an effort to help audiences improve their business practices and avoiding potential pitfalls.
Alexander is comfortable in formal settings such as the French Senate in Paris, where he gave an hour-long presentation on the impact of mobile applications on retail shopping, as well as informal settings such as the Barcamp un-conference held in Bangalore, India. Featured speaking engagements include Web 2.0, MobileBeat, Rutberg, Mobile World Congress, 4G World, CITA and South by Southwest.
In addition to speaking at conferences he especially enjoys speaking to students, having lectured MIT, Rice, SMU, and The University of Texas at Austin.
To book a speaking engagement, please contact Stephanie Fedler at sfedler@ideagrove.com or at 972-850-5866.