Taking the Next Step with Image Recognition

Barcode scanning opened up a new world for shoppers by allowing them to use their smartphones to quickly and easily gather information about products they were considering for purchase. Now, image recognition technology makes it possible to make a purchase based on a photograph of an item, giving mobile shopping applications a real opportunity to significantly enhance their user experience.

Image recognition technology is a key element of augmented reality. And while it’s hard to say whether we’ll all be wearing Google Glasses in 10 years, it’s a safe bet that we’ll be using our phones in new and different ways in two years, even less.

One of the companies working to bring quality image recognition technology to the e-commerce market is iTraff Technology, developers of Recognize.im. With offices in Dallas and its headquarters in Poznań, Poland, the company and its products have won awards and recognition around Europe. This summer in Greece iTraff won the Mobile Services Innovation Platform 2012 competition, besting more than 30 finalists from Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Italy and the United States.

Created in 2010 iTraff is perhaps best known for SaveUp, its mobile shopping application. It’s also behind the Art4Europe, an app that helps users recognize works of art. In addition to retail, iTraff hopes to impact publishing and marketing. Investors include SpeedUp Venture Capital Group, Innovation Nest, Rafall Han and Stephane Senkowski.

Earlier this month iTraff introduced me as the newest member of its advisory board. I’m excited to see how mobile applications will use image recognition and capitalize on a $4 billion global market. But I know they will. I can picture it.

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